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-ins. so under the bush administration, under the george w. bush administration, a program was set up to bolster this sector to provide government-guarantied loans to try to grow businesses, to try to grow this sector in our economy. fisker, the justin bieber puberty has arrived helper prop, fisker applied for government-backed loans to help grow its business under the george w. bush administration program created for that purpose. that funding got approved once the obama administration took over. now, that wasn't their only investment money, fisker also got funding from a big venture capital firm in california, a firm that is a pretty high-profile firm, among its partners, people like meg whitman, she's been a big high-profile supporter and fundraiser and donor for john mccain last time around and for mitt romney. the same firm also has as a partner a man named al gore, who you might have heard of. the main partner tied to the fisker investment firm is this guy, a john mccain donor and rudy giuliani donor and george w. bush donor. that's the situation in the real world and in the eco
pretzels. the very snack complicit in the failed 2002 assassination attempt on george w. bush when he choked on a bachmann pretzel. if the assassination had succeeded it would have prevented bush from invading iraq and killed saddam hussein. -- this is really hard. all right, let's try and do this in a simpler way. earlier in the program we learned the bank hsbc works with al qaeda. if there was some way, islamic ter wist-- terrorist money directly to michele back pan let's say through a 2008 campaign donation. let's look at the chart again. (laughter) (applause) i don't know, man. let's try it again. here's huma abedin's islamic terror connection, let's take a look. here's michele bachmann. hmmmm. maybe there should be an investigation. not to mention one more piece of unsettling evidence, michele bachmann is married to marcus bachmann who i think we all know is hiding something. (laughter) that his name is an anagram of arab's mann muncch. we'll be right back. her cup of coffee? how long is this one going to last? forty-five minutes? an hour? well... listen. 5-hour energy lasts a wh
-term president, george w. bush has endorsed mitt romney. boy, could things get any worse for mitt romney? >> i was shocked by could you how quickly they made his romney endorsement into a campaign ad. this was fast. take a look. >> you know, i'm interested in politics. i'm a supporter of mitt romney. i hope he does well. >> i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >> most of the media wants to get obama re-elected -- >> the elite media the regular media? >> what does batman have to do with the presidential race? rush limbaugh says it could affect the election. >> rush is having trouble with the name of the villain in the movie. the name of the villain is bane. >> bain. and there's now discussion out there as to whether or not this was purposeful. >> i think rush may have a point. >> i want to send every job in gotham overseas! there will be blood before i release my tax returns. >> frank sounds like most republican candidates. >> i'm a fiscal and social conservative. ronald reagan is my political idol. >> b
people were killed in syrian violence today. >>> former president george w. bush is going to skip the republican national convention. in a statement to cnn, his spokesman says, quote, he supports governor romney and wants him to succeed. president bush is confident mitt romney will be a great president but he's still enjoying his time off the political stage. earlier this week, bush's father, former president george h.w. bush, announced he wouldn't be attending the convention either due to health reasons. that has been 351 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. what are we doing to get it back? knee d new data showing 29 states added jobs in june. unemployment rates rose in 27 states. part of the reason we might have seen the increase is more people who are out of work started looking for jobs. which increases the size of the labor pool. now let's send it back to don lemon in colorado with more of our breaking news coverage. don. >> all right, john, thank you very much. appreciate that. we're here at the scene where this horrific shooting happened just less than 24 hours
action forum and was the congressional budget office director under president george w. bush. nice to see you, sir. >> nice to be here. >> greta: how bleak is this? >> this is a very, very big threat to the u.s. economy. the fiscal cliff itself is a combination of $400 billion in increased taxes, $200 billion in spending cuts. that combination $600 billion is about 4% of gdp. 4% of the national income. since we are only growing at 2% it doesn't take a genius to realize if you drop that kind of hit on it the economy will go into a big recession. >> greta: when do you predict, let's say that the tax cuts are not extended when did you you predict we are going into the horrible recession although many people think we are still in one. >> the concern is we are growing at 1.5%, 2% anded is taxes going from 15 to 45%. businesses looking at big increases in the classes. middle class is going to see their taxes go up with the alternative minimum tax. as the fall progresses we will see worse and worse economic performance and bear the brunt of the fiscal cliff in advance and i worry about that a lo
candidate, george w. bush and bill clinton, everybody else releases and obama but romney should get a pass? >> andrea: wool socks up to this point about -- >> bob: why doesn't romney do what everybody else does? you're covering up for romney. >> kimberly: you're covering up for obama. >> bob: have him put his tax returns out. coward and he won't do it. >> kimberly: whatever. erroneous. erroneous. >> bob: that was enjoyable. george zimmerman, the man accused of murdering trayvon martin. my good friend sean hannity spoke to him last night. you don't want to miss it. >> bashed my head to the concrete sidewalk. as soon as he broke my nose i started yelling for help >>> do you regret that you had a gun that night? >> no, sir. >> do you feel you wouldn't here for this interview if you didn't have that gun? >> no, sir. >> you feel you would not be here? >> i feel it was all god's plan and for me to second guess it or judge i it -- >> is there anything you would do differently in retrospect now that time has passed a little bit? >> no, sir. >> kimberly: that was george zimmerman, the man accused o
. >> it was george w. bush's job wasn't it? >> why doesn't mitt romney and all you rich guys sitting around me ask your rich friends to create some jobs? >> sean: the president said he would do that. >> remember the president of the jobs council is shipping outsourcing jobs all over the place. i think offensive depot is a lot better than solyndra. i think the private sector is a lot better than the public sector losing jobs. every week or two fox news reports on more solar energy companies going out of business in harry reid's state of nevada because you are are trying to do it from the top down, not the bottom up. let's face it our friend and yours mets has had about a 75 -- mitt romney has had a 75% success rate in creating private sector jobs. >> overseas. >> talk to jeffrey immel about overseas jobs. your guy outsources jobs and is the one presiding over the worst economic performance in 60 years. take responsibility and quit blaming somebody else. >> i'm not blaming somebody else and it is not my responsibility. if we had a chick in the white house we would have more jobs. >> a chick. you are
as for the nation. >> for some presidents, recent presidents have been so defining. what defines george w. bush's tenure more than that night on september 11th, 2001, or after the oklahoma city bombings with president clinton or with the "challenger" explosion. there are moments we remember and not in a kind of partisan divide that colors everything else we do here in washington, it seems. it's a way in which we feel we really count on the president as a leader of all americans to express what we are all feeling. >> bill clinton, oklahoma city. mark halperin, you have watched these leaders and the way they respond at moments, at times of emergency, and this is when as both president obama today and mitt romney described us as the american family. >> just the nature of our politics. barack obama has a reputation in some quarters of being aloof. mitt romney as being someone who can't relate to people. you saw in both their statements today, both referencing their families, both of them at moments like this, it's clear, think about their own families, their own human situation and what this would
on the bailouts, a lot of the same things with detroit, he just would have. you know why? because george w. bush -- >> did a lot -- >> basically did the same things. he wouldn't have gone forward -- actually, he may have gone forward to health care because the "usa today" op-ed in 2009 told barack obama you need to have an vidindividual mandate. >> there's not a big difference between these two guys. for my republican friends that get mad when i say that, go look at his record. it's right there. he's not a conservative. >> look, i mean how he governed in massachusetts. the health care law was the predecessor for obama care, right? romney came in, inherited a bad economic situation, talked about how he had to turn it around which is what obama is doing. he raised fees rather than taxes. obama has not raised taxes yet. i mean there's a lot of actual parallels between how mitt romney operated in massachusetts and obama operates. i'm not saying they're the same people. they have a different perspective on government. >> and different world view. i think one of the important things about this speech
, and my boss colin powell at the time and george h.w. bush cut about 25%. this is not a draconian cut, even if it's done by se questation. >> you've warned about the industrial complex, nice turn of phrase there. is there any way out of it. >> well, dwight eisenhower is the man we should give credit to that. i don't know anymore. that's an excellent question. my former boss, colin powell, mentioned about nine months ago or something about us having created a industrial terrorism complex, and when you look at the homeland security budget, you look at $100 billion-plus for the intelligence community and ask what are we getting for it, and you look at this complex that we've created, dana priest and bill arcon of the washington post did a great job of covering this complex. 800,000-plus security clearances now. this is unkons shabl and taking away the money we need in the united states, and this business of borrowing to pay for these wars is simply unsustainable. we're looking at an even greater deficit in the future and the d.o.d. and national security budget in general has to pay its p
. during the administration of george w. bush, the department of education published a highly respected study on tuition price increases and what caused them. if i'm the primary driver of tuition price increases in public institutions were over three quarters have earned a graduate student students attend college is a change in state funding i states invest less money in higher education institutions respond by raising prices. the study found no relationship between the availability of federal and state grants and the ensuing tuition price increases in either public or private not-for-profit institutions. institutions raise prices have an obligation to ensure that they increase their own financially programs to hold dunes. for example, last year our state cut michigan state university's appropriation by 15% on our board raise tuition 6.9% to compensate in part for these cuts. but the board also increased our own institutional grants eight by 10% with 83% of these great dollars for students with financial needs. this is an example of what institutions need to do with their own financiall
it together. >> and georgia h.w. bush did the same thing on social security and george w. bush and ronald reagan did councils. it's a ruse. councils don't matter. >> simpson-bowles? >> that might be where we agree. the jobs council is completely irrelevant. >> i hope not when you consider the economy is the issue and unemployment is at 8.2% consistently. wouldn't you try to fix it if you're the president? >> wait, is anyone at this table suggesting that barack obama is not trying to fix the economy? thank you. >> well there was a time when early on when during the health care debate where the jobs picture wasn't great and there was a time i was wondering does he not know it's in his best interests to get this jobs number in a much better position. >> 8.8 million jobs were lost in the recession, that's a fact of life, 4.4 million have been created, since the recession ended. i'm sorry, folks, if he's created or under his watch, half of the jobs have come back. >> meaningless number. debris with you. people don't feel jobs have been created, they don't feel jobs have been created. we it tal
. there is no credible evidence to support this proposition. during the administration of george w. bush, the department of education publishes a highly respected study on tuition price increases. it found that the primary driver of tuition price increases in public institutions where over 3/4 of our graduate students attend college, is the change in state funding as states invest less money in higher education. the institutions respond by raising prices. the study found no relationship between the availability of federal and state grants and the ensuing chore -- tuition price increases in public or private not-for-profit institutions. as institutions raise prices, they have an obligation to ensure they increase their own financial aid program to hold harmless these neediest students. last year, our state cut michigan state university appropriation by 15%. our board raised tuition 6.9% to compensate in part for these cuts. the board also increased our own institutional grant aid by 10% with 83% of these grants dollars going to students with financial need. this is an example of what institutions need to
not start with president obama or president george w. bush, and it is a single word -- medicaid. 30 years ago, state budgets were 8% medicaid. today, they are 25%. i know from my own experience, as you get down to the end of the budget process, after you find highways and courts run certain things, you get to the iwo pots of money, higher education or medicaid, the two pots of money, higher education or -- two pots of money, higher education or medicaid, and as long as states fund medicating a parental way, higher education will be seriously damaged -- medicaid in a preferential way, higher education will be seriously damaged. maybe you can come back to this, but despite all the things you can do with two-year degrees, where one-year degrees or operating in the summer, it seems, as we on leash the states from federal medicaid requirements, than our great public universities and community colleges will continue to be under-funded and tuition and loans will go up. the increase from 8% to 25% is by far the principal reason. to recommend mr. chairman. >> -- thank you, mr. chairman. >> i would
w. bush administration president obama talked about renewing the ban but dropped it from his agenda and won't talk about renewing it. there is an excellent article on this situation. we have 90 guns per 100 people. compare that to yemen where there are 61 guns for 100 people and americans purchased 4.5 million out of the 8 million guns informed worldwide each year. >> cenk: congratulations to us. we're number one. yemen is number two. if we keep it up, we'll be just like yemen or yemen may be just like us. i don't know which is worse. what is the solution. >> the big solution is campaign finance reform. you cannot continue to allow the national rifle association to write the gun laws. democrats have cowed to them forever. the democratic party needs--there is a big story with the 50-state solution with democrats, and there is a problem of overreputation of rural areas. the real answer is democrats need to have some balls on this issue. they need to come up and say we'll lose north and south carolina, but we need to control guns. >> cenk: i think the point michael is making is incredi
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)